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How do you start with the design?

Before we start, we ask three most important questions:

  • Why?

    Know the reasons your users want it for.

    It’s well worth taking some time to really explore this question up front. Getting a clear picture doesn’t just increase the chances of future client satisfaction, it can also substantially reduce your own workload.

  • What?

    What your users want to do?

    Questions clarify what people might be doing, as well as what they’re using in your application or product. So while designing we know that what should be showcased.

  • Who?

    “You can’t deliver the right solution if you don’t understand user needs.”

    Understand your users need well to design a useful solution for them. Know who would use it and what they already know about it.

We don’t ask these question just for the sake of it, we ask them because we want to know exactly what we are designing for.

What are the basic design principles that you always follow, no matter what?

  1. Visual Design -

    The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to define the importance of order.

  2. Information and Content Strategy -

    Hick’s law says that with every additional choice increases the time required to take a decision.

  3. User-friendly -

    It is not about what you can or what you want to design but what users need. You must have a purpose for what you design.

  4. Searchability and Usability -

    Users should be able to search what they want. Users should know the consequence of each action they take.

  5. White Space and Clean Design -

    The design should always be clean and should have a good balance of white space and design elements in it.

  6. Mobile-friendly and Efficient -

    User experience should be seamless. It should work across various screen sizes, platforms, and products. Efficiency matters when people are likely to use the app a lot and they are prepared to spend time learning it.

Solid design principles force clarity and reduce ambiguity.

How do you choose colors for your website and app designs?

One should choose colors in such a way so the user can relate to:

  1. Brands and Identity
  2. Culture, People and Environment
  3. Content and Context (Create a strong contrast between a page's background and its text)

The main takeaway about color is that there is no clear-cut answer here. Each website is unique and everyone has their own taste.

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What are the most challenging things you face while designing?

We have too many options to represent things, the most challenging thing is to limit our thoughts and to maintain the consistency in design, otherwise we would not be able to complete our work within time.

How often you use ‘Pen and Paper’ design tool for designing a website or a mobile app?

We personally prefer “Pen and Paper” before any designing tool, because it is easy, fast and cost effective. As we do not have to worry about the look of design, we can totally focus on the usability of design.

When we want to explore multiple ideas before selecting the best one, we can wireframe them all on paper, rather quickly.

What are the extra things you need to take care of when designing a mobile app?

  1. Giving importance to the concept of responsive design
  2. A good UI that keeps things simple while wooing the end user
  3. We need to consider user feedback and involve real users while evaluating the mobile app UI design
  4. Keeping the mobile UI graphical always helps.
  5. OS guidelines are must-to-follow for creating a brilliant app user interface

What is your take on flat design for mobile apps?

It is visually very organized. It is very simple and minimal with solid colors and fills and avoids complex gradients, drop shadows and any beveled edges.


Because flat design is easily adaptable, it scales well to smaller screens. It provides a cleaner and clutter-free user experience. Graphics usually load and render faster, with minimal design effects.

It also becomes quite challenging for the designers without all the extra visual cues. E.g. the button no longer has its drop shadows, which used to be an easy indication for a user that it can be clicked. Therefore, the design has to be really effective enough to convey the desired flow and features of the application to the user without creating any confusion.

So, that’s how our design team always comes up with such wonderful designs. There are plenty of thoughts and hard work of the team that ends in such awesome results. If you would also like to get your website, product, app designed by our team, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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