JoomlaXi Forms: A Small Step for Joomla and a Giant Leap for Forms!

Bucket Listing Feature :

The latest innovation in this first stable release of JoomlaXi Forums 1.0.0 series is the Bucket Listing feature. This improvement was incorporated by us in response to the increasingly diverse and expanding demands for the JoomlaXi Forums. 
Some questions, I believe that may have started to cloud at the back of your mind-
  1. What exactly is this listing system? 
  2. Will I have to maintain a another list of some sort?
  3. How will I maintain?
Please allow me to clear all your uncertainties. As, I had earlier stated in one of my earlier blog that JoomlaXi Forms manages the data posted in your forms. It's a data processing tool for your form, not to be confused with a form management tool. So, every time a data is processed by the JoomlaXi Form the entry logs are saved. Can you imagine what will happen after some time ? Your database will explode with tons of details posted daily. 

In order to keep the processing speed fluid and help you work clutter free Bucket listing is introduced in JoomlaXi Forms. You can even mark my words when I say that, " Bucket Listings does not need any of your inputs, no worrying configuring it." All the details created at your form will be stored safe and sound at your local end or the place you choose but not in your database. 

Stability in stable release

In contrast to alpha and beta versions, official stable releases for JoomlaXi are subjected to much wider use, and by a different demographic of users. We value the sentiments that users

They use their JoomlaXi components for their day-to-day work, and if even a single user experiences any problem that can be extremely tumultuous for us. So, I bet you are in safe hands with this Stable release. Compatibility :

The Official stable release of JoomlaXi Form 1.0.0 is in complete compliance with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 . The best news of all is that even with this stable release, JoomlaXi forms is still freely downloadable. You can just download and start using the free actions provided with the product OR create an action set for you.

In coming week we will be adding more actions in the payable action bundle for JoomlaXi Forms. Currently the freely available actions with the product are-

  • Ack-by-email - Ack-By-Email action allows you to send acknowledgement to user via email ie to send an auto-reply whenever user submits a form.
  • Reset password -  Reset Password Action Helps User in Resetting Password.  
  • Email - Email action collects the form data and send email.
  • Joomla-Login - Allow user to Login with Joomla Login action.
  • Joomla-Registration - Joomla Registration Action collects the form data, and registers the user at your site.
  • Mailchimp - With Mailchimp action you can subscribe user(emails) to a mailchimp list(s).        
  • Dropbox - This action can be utilized to move the uploaded files in your Dropbox account.  
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