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A Free Joomla CMS Tool To Process Online Forms & Responses.

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Compatibility 2.5 | 3.x

Why Use JxiForms

Process Unlimited Web Forms with JxiForms

Process Unlimited Web Forms

With JxiForms you can process thousands of web forms automatically. Also store the user's responses or send them through emails or you can perform any specific action.

Embed JxiForms with any web form

Embed JxiForms with any web form

JxiForms easily embed with any webform anywhere in your site like a charm. To embed JxiForms in your web form, simply copy the short code generated by the tool and paste into your web form. No change in page URL or its originality.

Customize or Style Your Web Form | Flaxibility of JxiForms

Your Web Form, Your Style

JxiForms is not a web form builder, it's a form processing tool. So you can design web forms according to your own style & needs. Without any mess JxiForms can be embedded with any web form.

Processing Queue in JxiForms

Processing Queue

JxiForms processing queue track the footprint of forms. Provide all essential information of processed forms & responses. Also you can manually control the processing of any form.

100% open-source forms manager

Open Source

It is 100% open-source, licensed under GNU/GPL. No part of the code is encrypted. Use JxiForms or reform it as you wish. JxiForms is yours forever.

JxiForms is free

The tool is absolutely free with four fantastic apps. Enjoy!

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JxiForms Apps

JxiForms is integrated with various popular web applications & online services.

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Issues or Suggestion

If you have any issue or suggestion then report us at our github repository.

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