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PayCart Provides True Responsive Layout for all devices

True Responsive

  • Bootstrap-based responsive design for all types of devices, from mobiles, tablets and extra large screens
  • Works with most of the joomla templates
  • Easily Customizable

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Configuration paycart according to language


  • Smart Faceted search to quickly browse and drill-down through your store
  • Ajaxified search speed up the overall process
  • Extremely optimized
  • Fast and Light on Server
  • Sorting options are available
  • Multilingual Search

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  • No configuration required
  • Unlimited number of filters
  • Auto postback for additional convenience, instantly refreshes the search results after users change the filtering options
  • Smart enough to hide meaning-less filters in given search

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Search is multilingual in PayCart

Automatic Variant Listing in PayCart

Automatic Variant Listing

  • Intelligent enough to detect variant of any product
  • No configuration required
  • Automatically decides and build selectors for switching products
  • Easy UI to switch between variants of products

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Intelligent Thumbnailing

  • Automatically generates multiple size thumbnails
  • Configurable sizes
  • Use appropriate size for the device in use
Intelligent Thumbnailing PayCart

Infinite Scroll with PayCart

Infinite Scroll

  • No pagination in listing, auto load the next set of products
  • Faster to load products
  • Easier for customers to scroll back and forth between items
  • Works on mobiles also

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