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Product | PayCart


  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of custom attributes on products
  • Add/edit images
  • Allows for use of HTML in product descriptions to make formatting simpler
  • Make a product invisible for better management of variants [Coming soon]

Digital Products

  • Option to show Teaser file or Sample data with Main file.
  • Instant Download Access.
  • Multiple files per downloadable product.
  • Lots of supported file extensions.
  • User purchase history & ability to redownload files.
  • Cart system for purchasing multiple downloads at once.
  • Can purchase Physical and Digital products within an order.

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Product | PayCart

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Product Attributes

  • Sell products with any number of custom attributes: color, size, type, etc.
  • You can decide the position where they will be displayed in product
  • You can order them with drag and drop
  • Configure which attributes should be searchable and filterable


  • Add variant of any product and just change attribute values.
  • When you add product as a variant to base product, paycart will automatically link these products in front store by attribute selection
  • Better UI to show linking of variants from its base product [Coming soon]
PayCart Product Attributes

Inventory | PayCart Feature


  • Simple Inventory tracking that works for you
  • On every order approval inventory get updated automatically
  • Product will be shown Out-of-stock when quantity become 0
  • You can get inventory overview (total, approved, shipped, delivered) on product screen [Coming Soon]
  • Alerts for admin if product is not in stock [Coming Soon]
  • Notify the customers about item back in stock [Coming Soon]


  • Images can be added and edited on the product screen itself
  • You can mark which image should be used for cover image.
  • Easy to reorder images via drag & drop
  • Validation on uploaded image size and image extension
Ease to add images for product screen with paycart | via drag & drop

Inventory | PayCart Feature


  • Paycart have unlimited nested category system
  • Categories are stored using nested set model
  • One product can belongs to one category only
  • You can add image and custom url (aka alias) for category