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  • Ability to slot customers into groups
  • Ability to slot products into groups
  • Ability to slot cart into groups on the basis of its details
  • Conditionally apply business rules by using these groups
  • Provides reusability
Grouping : All business rules can work conditionally as per grouping.

Inventory | PayCart Feature


  • Configure state-based tax
  • Configure country-based tax
  • Set-up an unlimited number of taxrules
  • You can calculate tax


  • Flat rate, weight, order total based shipping
  • Ability to apply Tax and Discounts on shipping
  • Manage shipments to show status to customers
  • Ability to define handling charges
  • USPS, FedEx.
  • More shipping rules ( upcoming... )
Shipping PayCart

Purely Flexible and Responsive design in PayCart System

Payment Gateway

  • Offline payment includes by cash,cheque and Demand Draft
  • Proper validations
  • Hosted
    Payza, Bank Audi, DeltaPay, CCBill, 2Checkout,
    Pin Payments, CCAvenue, Paypal, Payfast
  • Self Hosted
    Stripe, PayPal Pro, Authorize CIM, eWay, EBS, MES
  • many more [coming soon]

Backend Payment Processing

  • Offline Payment can be processed from backend
  • If you have got payment but Payment Gateway didn’t send the notification or error in processing notification, then you can mark it paid from back-end.
  • If you have got payment from any other resources or want to mark cart as paid, then you can do it from back-end.
Backend Payment Processing in PayCart System

Shipment handling in PayCart

Shipment handling

  • You create shipments (group of items to be shipped in one package) in which cart will be shipped.
  • Customer has been charged for shipping amount, but actual calculation can not be done automatically. Admin need to create shipments for this.
  • Admin can set different status of individual shipment. Like delivered, pending, failed, dispatched.