Why Choose PayCart

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Increased conversions

  • Keeps your customer focused while checking out.
  • Checkout process have been been optimized for mobile devices.
  • Paycart can send beautifully customized emails to Abandoned Cart shoppers to bring them back, and even lets you include a coupon code to encourage checkout. [coming soon]
Increased conversions

One page checkout in PayCart

Linear checkout

  • Checkout process is completely AJAXified
  • Minimum set of information asked
  • Payment process is also ajaxified if payment gateway supports
  • Payment can be made again if payment fails
  • Data submitted is retained in session helps in editing information by going back

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Easy Guest Checkout with paycart

Guest Checkout

  • Quick checkout for not registered customers
  • No hassles of logging into account, for registered users, they can use same email in guest checkout and PayCart will link the purchase to their account.
  • Buyer can switch from guest user to registered user before making payment.

Validation at its best

  • Instant client side checks for proper data in input fields
  • Server side checks to avoid loopholes
  • Input data retention in case of errors
  • Handles the response from payment gateway and displays the error if any
  • Error are reported in place, hence works beautifully in mobile.
Validation at PayCart's best

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