Why Choose PayCart

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  • Facilitates to serve your store in the customer language
  • No need to use any other extension for multilingual translation
  • Multilingual searching and filtering
  • Multilingual meta data play important role in SEO
  • Multilingual aliases of category and product make URLs more user friendly

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Multilingual PayCart

User Account in PayCart

User Account

  • List out all of the orders
  • Detailed description of individual order
  • Login or register option
  • Change password and add personal details
  • Manage addresses ( create or delete address, make any address as default )

Customer Notification

  • You can send notification on various events
    • on payment status
    • on shipment status
    • on delivery status
  • Predefined tokens available to add dynamic content like order & buyer specific data, in notification
  • Configure notifications in multiple languages
  • Email can be templatized [coming soon]
Customer Notification PayCart

Order Tracking In PayCart

Order Tracking

  • Track status of individual order
  • Track status of shipments
  • Guest users can request for url to track and see his order, without logging in.